Winter Camp 2023


For kids aged 5 - 12 Years (Offline)

Personal attention will be given as the number of children in a class will be limited

Offline Session

December 26 to 28, 2023

  • 3 Days Course

    5 HOURS / DAY

  • Medium : English & Tamil (Combined)
  • Timings: 10 Am to 2 Pm (Inclusive of Lunch Time)
  • Venue: 9 Locations (See Details Below)

    See Details below

  • Mode of payment: Gpay

    the fee amount should be paid in cash on the first day of the Camp

  • Last date for Registration: 20 Dec 2023
After Registration, click the above button to make payment

Age Groups

Level 1 - Gopal

Age - 5 - 8 Years

Level 2 - Anantha

Age - 9 - 12 Years

What will be taught in the camp?

Mantra meditation

They get very good concentration and connection with the lord

Bhagavad Gita & Srimad Bhagavatham Slokas

They learn shlokas from BG and SB and will be trained to memorise them that helps to improve their memory skills.

Stories from Bhagavatam

The children learn good stories and pastimes from scriptures.

Value based stories

They learn value based stories that helps them in nourishment of their personal qualities.


They get the inner joy and bliss of following the Yuga Dharma

Activities allied with lessons

Interaction, Discussion, Clearing their doubts with their teacher all these enhances their learning skills, confidence level and enthusiasm.

Spiritual Games

To come closer to one another and enjoy thoroughly

Art & craft

Helps them to learn more skills and identify their interest and inclination to nourish themselves a lot.

Fireless cooking

Helps them to learn more skills and identify their interest and inclination to nourish themselves a lot.

Fun and entertainments

Fun and Entertainment as well to come closer to one another and enjoy thoroughly.

Venue Locations


Contact: +91 63831 73124

Saibaba colony

Contact: +91 98420 44893

RS Puram

Address: Mantra Studio 66 West Venkatasamy Road, Rspuram, Coimbatore

Contact: +91 90470 14428


Contact: +91 91508 80340


Contact: +91 77992 95366

Kaundapalayam Edayarpalayam Road

Address: Krishna kudil, no. 3, thiyagi raheem nagar, 1st street, edayarpalayam, cbe 641025

Contact: +91 98948 92313


Contact: +91 75103 51711


Contact: +91 76618 10645

Near ISKCON Temple

Contact: +91 93456 64279


Contact: +91 99000 39708

What will the children get by these classes?

The children can get systematic Training of Devotional aspects that contributes for their Overall Nourishment

Moral Values

This helps in Personality Building of your Children

Mantra Meditation

The Spirit within is Awakened and helps them achieve more and stay blissful.

Bhagavad Gita Slokas

They could live a Balanced, Satisfactory and Complete life by helping themselves and helping others. The ultimate Aim of life is achieved.

Frequently asked questions

How are the classes conducted?

Through offline class in selective areas

How many classes in the camp?

There will be 3 classes of 4 Hours on each day

How will be the children assisted or communicated?

Communication and guidance will be given by teacher through Whatsapp group in your area.

How should the payment be done?

The fee amount should be paid using GPay

What are the other requirements?

A Google form need to be filled with the particulars of the children and submitted at the time of registration and the same to be intimated through message to the contact mobile number mentioned in the website.
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